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Hyperelastic and Viscoelastic material modelling

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I have a doubt regarding the Hyperelastic and Viscoelastic material modelling in ANSYS using Mooney-Rivlin material constants.

ANSYS theory manual says that for large deformation and large strains, the material modelling (i.e. constitutive behaviour) is same for hyperelastic and viscoelastic. Is it so?

Generally,  Mooney-Rivlin material constants are used to model Hyperelastic behaviour (rubber-like materials).

But can I use Mooney-Rivlin material constants, which we get from curve fitting the test data, to also model a  viscoelastic material which has large deformation and large strain (10-20%)?


hello,,,,,,,i am carrying out similar project,,,,,,,,,,,,i wooried about how to input visco property in prony series,,,,,,,,,,,,wher can i experimental data of viscoelastic material.............pls send me details ,,,,,,,

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