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Contact Mechanics International Symposium (CMIS 2014); held at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, February 3-5, 2014

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Dear Colleague:


Please see attached for the first announcement for Contact Mechanics International Symposium (CMIS 2014); the next conference following in a series of meetings gathering engineers, mathematicians, physical scientists, and others concerned with analytical, experimental and computational treatment of interface mechanics.   Full details about coverage are described in the attached announcement; the meeting will be held at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, February 3-5, 2014.


I hope you will consider submitting an abstract for this meeting, whose costs have been carefully managed to  facilitate economical attendance by interested researchers.   I have organized this conference in collaboration with Professors Michel Raous and Peter Wriggers, hosts of past very successful installments in this series.  Abstract submissions are due November 1, 2013.    


For planning purposes, we ask that you indicate your potential interest in participating (and in receiving future communications on the event) by sending a quick email response to  We will be back to you in coming weeks with a conference website and more information about lodging and registration.


We look forward to seeing you in Abu Dhabi!




Tod Laursen, Conference Chair







 Dr. Tod A. Laursen

Prof. Tod A. Laursen
President, Khalifa Universty / Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Address: P.O. Box: 127788, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Telephone: +971 (0)2-501-8507

Fax: +971 (0)2-447-2442



  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University (USA), 1992
  • M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University (USA), 1989
  • B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Oregon State University (USA), 1986

Teaching Areas

  • Engineering Computation.
  • Engineering Mechanics.
  • Finite Element Methods for non linear Mechanical and Structural Systems.

Research Interest

  • Computational Mechanics.
  • Contact Mechanics.
  • Non Linear Finite Elements.

Selected Publications and Patents

  • Laursen,
    T.A. (2002), Computational Contact and Impact Mechanics: Fundamentals
    of Modeling Interfacial Phenomena in Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis,
    Springer-Verlag, Berlin.
  • Sanders, J., J.E. Dolbow, P.J. Mucha
    & T.A. Laursen (2010), “A New Method for Simulating Rigid Body
    Motion in Incompressible Two Phase Flow,” International Journal for
    NumericalMethods in Fluids, DOI: 10.1002/fld.2385.
  • Sanders,
    J.D., J.E. Dolbow & T.A. Laursen (2009), “On Methods for Stabilizing
    Constraints Over Enriched Interfaces in Elasticity,” International
    Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 78, 1009–1036.
  • Yang,
    B. & T.A. Laursen (2008), “A Contact Searching Algorithm Including
    Bounding Volume Trees Applied to Finite Sliding Mortar Formulations,”
    Computational Mechanics, 41, 189–205.
  • Puso, M.A., T.A. Laursen
    & J. Solberg (2008), “A Segment-to-Segment Mortar Contact Method for
    Quadratic Elements and Large Deformations,” Computer Methods in Applied
    Mechanics and Engineering, 197, 555–566.
  • Yang, B. & T.A.
    Laursen (2008), “A Large Deformation Mortar Formulation of Self Contact
    with Finite Sliding,” Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and
    Engineering, 197, 756–772.
  • Stanciulescu, I. & T.A. Laursen
    (2006), “On the Interaction of Frictional Formulations with Bifurcation
    Phenomena in Hyperelastic Steady State Rolling Calculations,”
    International Journalof Solids and Structures, 43, 2959–2988



Khalifa University of Science, Technology & Research (KUSTAR)


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Dear Colleague,

Following up on the first announcement you received last week (and reattached to this message), the organizers of CMIS 2014 are seeking your quick response to an online interest survey for planning purposes.

The symposium is scheduled to take place February 3-5 2014, with an abstract submission deadline of November 1; the below survey will take no more than 2 minutes to complete.


To complete the survey online, please go to the URL below:


In addition, please feel free to forward the URL to any other colleagues who may be interested to attend.


Best regards,

Tod Laursen, Conference Chair 

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The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to November 15th.

The conference web-site was launched:

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