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How to use felbow.f with Abaqus 6.11-3?

Dear colleagues,

I have a question regarding the postprocessing program felbow.f written in Fortran and provided in the Abaqus manual:

My question is: how can I make working felbow.f together with Abaqus 6.11-3 in order to produce an output file output.dat which I can use in the Visualization module of Abaqus/CAE (Abaqus/Viewer)? Do I need to have Fortran Compiler installed? I do not have experience with using Fortran, neither any subroutine for Abaqus.

I need that for to visualize the results (stresses, strains, ovalization shapes along a cross section) from my pipe structure analysis. I have been reading the explanations in the Abaqus manual (from the link above) as well as the text explanation in felbow.f but unfortunately it doesn’t make it clear. 

Such a procedure is done in one example from the Abaqus manual:
Practically, I would like to plot the same figures of ovalization of a cross section as they do.

Thank you for any help in advance!

Yordan Venev


Usage of felbow.f in Abaqus 6.11-3

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you need to have Fortran installed.

You may  have to rename .f to .for, depending on the taste of your Abaqus release

Good luck



Hello again!

I installed Visual Fortran 2010 V11.6 with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional and encountered further problems with how to compile and link them with Abaqus? I was hardly trying to do that on win 7, 32 bit system with different versions of Abaqus but unsuccessfully. In internet there are many tips, however neither of the installation procedures recommended worked for me. Do you have experience with such compiling? Can you suggest me software versions on Abaqus, Fortran and Microsoft Visual Studio that could work together with a successful procedure for installation?

Best regards,
Yordan Venev


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