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Research Position at Texas Instruments (Dallas, Texas)

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   This is a stress modeling position in TI's research
organization Silicon Technology Development (SiTD). The opening is
immediate and the position is filling very fast. Minimum requirement:
MS degree in the following fields: Mechanical Engineering, Physics,
Materials Science or Engineering Mechanics. PhD degree is preferred. 
Please email your resume to Jie-Hua (Jeff) Zhao at or
Darvin Edwards at Call Jeff at 972-995-8851 for detail.
Job description is listed below:

1. Primary Responsibilities: (1) Develop new techniques to improve the
efficiency of thermomechanical analysis at TI, (2) develop proven
validation correlation of the new techniques developed, (3) interact
with universities/consortia to guide them to meet TI's needs, (4)
perform reliability analysis of Sun microprocessor packages, (5) insure
package / process compatibility for the new high performance process
nodes, (6) work with software vendors to insure they develop the
features needed by TI

2. Supporting & Secondary Responsibilities: (1) Document and
fan-out learning from the efficiency improvements, new techniques
developed, and validations to the entirety of TI, (2) interact with TI
customers to highlight modeling results.

3. Management Organization Skills: Ability to run small projects of
3-12 month duration.  May include some budgeting.  Ability to oversee,
lead, and direct university research activities.

4. Opportunities for Improvements: This position will provide the
candidate an opportunity to expand skills in materials
characterization, to interact with package process development teams,
interact with universities doing research for TI, and to solve problems
that are critical to TI and TI's customers.  Support is offered to
those who wish to build a reputation of technical excellence through
industry consortia interactions, standards committee activities,
university liaison work, or conference publications.

5. Complex Tasks : (1) Develop roadmaps for thermomechanical analysis
and required material characterization going forward 5-10 years.  (2)
Work to make the roadmaps a reality.  (3) Analyze stress distributions
in IC's, packages and interconnect systems.  Includes dynamic drop test
modeling.  (4) Predict device reliability based on analysis results and
recommend optimizations.  Knowledge of adhesion mechanisms, fracture
mechanics, and solder fatigue required.  (5) Recommend changes in
process variables and design rules to improve mechanical robustness of
IC's. (6) Interface with materials characterization engineers to obtain
appropriate test conditions and materials properties. (7) Interface
with internal TI groups and external TI customers to share generated
data. (8) Interface with universities (SRC, Sematech, etc.) to direct

6. Technical Abilities: Required experience includes: (1) Hands on
experience in thermomechanical, non-linear analysis, (2) Experience
with Ansys and LS-Dyna preferred including  ANSYS APDL, (3) knowledge
of material models which impact the reliability of IC packages such as
fatigue theory, elastic/plastic/creep theory, fracture toughness, sub
critical crack growth, and adhesion principles, (4) ability to built
fully parameterized FEA meshing macros, (5) ability to clearly
communicate findings and write concise reports.  Desired experience
includes: (6) Experience with IC packaging, (7) Understanding of
molecular dynamics modeling and the bridge to continuum models with
applications to thermomechanical analysis in IC and packages, (8)
software coding experience with a language such as Fortran90, C, C++,
Python, Matlab, etc., (4) some hands on materials measurements
experience, (9) background in drop test modeling.

7. Team & People Skills: Ability to work across functional
boundaries to gather the information needed to understand the problem
and perform the modeling.  Ability to leverage teams outside of
packaging to meet TI's needs.   Ability to work with respect for others
within a friendly and motivated team environment.

8. Projects & Deliverables: All projects will require a complete
report documenting the purpose of the task, the methods used to model
to achieve this purpose, and the conclusions.  If the conclusion
reached doesn't solve the problem, the candidate is expected to suggest
alternative solutions.  Specific project will include development of
next generation microprocessor packages for highest reliability,
support for FC-BGA type packages, and driving development of next
generation computational tools and meshing techniques.

Additional skills and experience (include years of required experience):  Knowledge of wafer fab processes is helpful

List unique selling features of this position, team or project : As a
member of this organization, you will interface with many business
groups, from the wafer fab development group, to die designers, to
product development groups, to direct interactions with TI's
customers.  It is an environment where innovation is encouraged, where
we're always looking for creative answers to difficult questions.  This
job provides excellent freedom for advancement as well as for
personally broadening one's interest and establishing multiple
professional relationships.

Include potential or preferred avenues to source candidates for this
position: The best qualified person from either internal or external

Special Work Environment: Work with an excellent group of talented,
highly motivated people who are passionate about enhancing the state of
the semiconductor packaging sciences and modeling methodologies.



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I think I can try to do it and you can see my blog.

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