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Model steel phase change and residual strain and stress using abaqus


Hi, I'm a Mechanical Engineering student and I need to learn how to create a simulation of the martensitic transformation as a result of quenching of steel using Abaqus.

I'm just trying to get as much information as I can on my own but I want to ask for some advise; at this time what I have found is that I may need to use some Abaqus user subroutines as UMAT or VUMAT ir order to succed on the simulation but I want to know if theres any other way to avoid using them.

 Any kind of advise will be very useful, I ain't looking to get some one to tell me exactly what I should do rather I hope to get some assistance to get in the right direction so I can look for tutorials or check on the abauqs manuals for what I need to learn.



Alex Zetino


If you want to model phase transformation and then use the phase fraction for calculation of Residual Stresses (including all the physics involved), then you can not do away with User-subroutines. However, if you are just interested in Residual Stresses in a Quenched Part, you just need to set-up a coupled-temperature displcament model in Abaqus with all the required material paramteres for Thermal(Specific heat, Conductivity..etc) and Stress Analysis( Youngs modulus, Yield Stress, Hardneing modulus..etc) and process paramteres (Heat Trasnfer Coeffieicient, Quenchant Temperature).
Hope this helps.

Danish Khan

Thanks for the anwser, I'm really aprecciate it, just one more question, Do you think if I follow the abaqus user manuals and the tutotial manual that will be enough to learn all I need to know to perform the simulation? and thanks again its hard to find assistance about Abaqus in my contry I'll learn how to write the user subroutines.

Abaqus User manual are very exhasutive and they are the best source to learn Abaqus. However, if you want to implement some Phase Transformation Material Model, you will have to go through some litterature on Quenching simulations on your own, and then implement in Abaqus in user-subroutine. To start with , look at Benchmark Problem 1.6.4 "Quenching of an infinite plate" in Abaqus Benchmark Manual Problem. That can be a good starting point.

All the Best!

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