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How to define Element based surface/Node based surface in Abaqus

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Dear All

Some one told me to define node-based-surface or element-based surface during defining General Contact in large deformation simulation. I tried my best to figure out how to do it. But i cudn't. I just know  it can be done by editing the .inp file by making an element set. and making a surface from that element set.

Is there there anybody who have done it before?? It will be great help if you can explain me how to do it.

thanks in advance.


Look for the options *ELSET to create an element set and *SURFACE to create a surface. The inp file is in the current directory (Temp) and can be edited by a txt editor. Surface definition has to be given at the model level. You have to create or identify the element set on which the surface you want lies. Then with the *SURFACE option you can create the surface you want by identifying the facets of the external edges of the elements in the element set.



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Can you try to define it in Aabaqus/CAE? 

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The job input file "Job-Test.inp" has been submitted for analysis.

Error in job Job-Test: 3 nodes are missing degree of freedoms. The MPC/Equation/kinematic coupling constraints can not be formed. The nodes have been identified in node set ErrNodeMissingDofConstrDef.

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