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Hello to Everyone,

While Running the Job in abaqus Am getting an Statement of "Disconnecting from Licence manager" in DOS window ..But status of the job is still Running and also it is taking long time for Running the job...

Is this Beacause of the statement in DOS window job is taking  long time to Run..?

My Question is How can i avoid this and Why it will show the statement like this please give the suggestion on the same..

 My name is Il-Hyun Kim in Hanyang University in South Korea. I am in the second semester as a graduate school student working on the mechanical behavior of enamel.

In order to represent behavior of enamel, I using tools that are Hypermesh and Abaqus.

Qustions are:

1. Now, I effort to assign priodic boundary condition to enamel model using eqaution constratint. I read Abaqus(hypermesh) manual and other references. But I could not represent periodic condition in my model. So I ask some advice how assign PBC to enamel model properly.

2. I wonder how assign material orientation about two planes simultaneously. I consider material orientation about yz and xz plane. I gave material orientation about yz plane using system axis, and then considered another orientation (about xz plane) using definition of material property(solid composite section). Usually material orientation of composite is defined about xy plane. How can change??

  1. Periodic boundary conditions (or cyclic symmetry) can be specified through constraints. Use *MPC, Type=Cyclsym. However, this is available only in abaqus standard. If you want to use it in explicit, you will need to represent it as equation constraint. Check this paper for equations: AF Saleeb, A Kumar, VS Thomas, "The important roles of tissue anisotropy and tissue-to-tissue contact on the dynamical behavior of a symmetric tri-leaflet valve during multiple cardiac pressure cycles", Med. Engg. Phy, 35(1), pp. 23-35, 2012.
  2. You define material orientation using datum axis. Create a datum axis in cae or use keyword orientation. I could not understand your question clearly though.


The world started with 0, is progressing with 0, but doesn't want 0.

Thank you very much for your advice. Now, I make mention of question 2 again.

I want to consider angles about xz plane and yz plane in my model.

I already know assign material orientation using datum axis. But I could not assign material orientation about two planes to each elements.

Please give me advice about this topic. Thank you in advanve and happy new year !!

I am not able to understand your question. Could you elaborate more???


The world started with 0, is progressing with 0, but doesn't want 0.

Thank you for caring !!

 I used system coordinate (rectangular) that assigned rotation(counter clockwise angle) about 1 axis. ( This process is assign material orientation about 2-3 plane I think)

As I mentioned, I want to assign material orientation about 2-3 plane and 1-3 plane to each elements simultaneously and then analysis von Mises stress as change of material orientation.

 In order to assign material orientation about two planes, I used difine system axis and material property(composite section, assign orientation directly)

But I could not give material orientation about 1-3 plane using composite section. (Usually orientation is assigned 1-2 plane, I want to give orientation 1-3 plane in this section)

I don't know grant of the angle with respect to the plane that I want (1-3plane).

Thank you in advance.


Well all these refrence planes are with respect to your geometry. Therefore, if it is not directly accessible in current orientation of your model, one thing you can do is to rotate your model (or part) such that 1-2 plane in property is actually 1-3 plane of your model.


The world started with 0, is progressing with 0, but doesn't want 0.

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