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Postdoc opportunity in FE software development

New Technologies - Research Centre at the University of West Bohemia
(Czech Republic) invites applications for a postdoctoral position in the
field of FE software development. Highly motivated individuals holding a
PhD in applied mathematics or mechanics, numerical analysis and
programming or closely related fields are encouraged to apply.

The postdoc position in the field of FE software development is focused
on mathematical description of contact algorithms for deformable bodies
and for dynamics, or on material models, and other topics from the FEM
field and their implementation to the existing FEM software (SfePy) in
order to extend its current use to modelling materials with complex
inner structure and mass redistribution. The focus of the work will be
in both the theoretical description of algorithms useful for simulating
phenomena using FEM and the implementation of such algorithms to the
existing software. Another task will be improving and extending the
possibilities of the software (e.g. implementation of new element types,
automatic code generation, parallelization etc.). The results will be
used for investigating research projects or for contract research.
Standard scientific results, particularly journal papers, are expected.
Furthermore, applied results, particularly software and FE models
development, are also expected.


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