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Is Nuclear Power safe for humans and the Enviroment? Should it be Banned?

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As a result of the current interest on how further global warming could be prevented or at least mitigated, the revival of nuclear power seems to be in everybody's - or at least in many politicians - mind. It is interesting to see that in many suggestions to mitigate global warming, the focus is put on the advantages of nuclear power generation, and its disadvantages are rarely mentioned. [].

From the statements that will follow it will be determined if Nuclear energy is safe for humans and the environment. The advantages and disadvantages of Nuclear power will be a determining factor.

•The contribution of nuclear power plants to global warming is relatively little or even Zero.
•This technology is readily available; it does not have to be developed first.
•Huge amounts of electrical energy can be generated from a single plant.

•Nuclear plants are more expensive to build and maintain.

•Theproblem of radioactive waste is still an unsolved one.

•High risks: Despite a generally high security standard, accidents can still happen.
It is technically impossible to build a plant with 100% security. [].

•Proliferation concerns.

•The energy source for nuclear energy is Uranium. Uranium is a scarce resource.

From the above statements it is clear that the risk involved in nuclear power usage is high.It is evident that it is risky to humans and the environment on the part of waste disposal but to further make my conclusion the issue of sustainability and its renewability will be considered separately to finally draw my conclusion.


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