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Breast simulation: Deformation Map


I want to simulate the deformation of breast under gravity. I
initially have patient's breast images in one position (supine, with
breast falling on the chest). I want to apply gravity loading and
simulate breast image in another position (prone, with breast falling
away from the chest).

I follow the standard path i.e. segment images (supine data),
generate mesh, import the mesh into ABAQUS, apply material properties,
BCs and loads and run the simulation and I get deformed breast mesh
(simulated prone).

My query is once I have done deformation simulation how do I extract
imaging data from the simulation result (deformed Mesh)? I hope the
question make sense. This would be needed for number purposes including
generating the deformed image data set.

Is it possible to export/obtain deformation map in ABAQUS?





If I understand your question correctly (i.e. getting the deformed shape after the analysis), then the task is quite simple. Let for any node, the initial coordinates (or position vector) is R0, and the deformation (vector) is U. Then the deformed coordinates for the same node would be:

R = R0 + U --[Eq. 1]

As you know, you can see the deformed shape in viewer (and also contour plot of deformation). Now to export these, you can do it in two ways (i find these easier):

1) From ODB: All you need to do is write a python script (or you can do it in excel too) that will do the above operation [Eq. 1]. You can copy the element connectivity from original input file or extract it from odb file.

2) *Imperfection: Export all the nodal displacements (U1, U2, U3) into a file. Create a new input file that is exact copy of the original input, except one keyword is added...*Imperfection, Inupt=<name of file containing nodal displacements>

Let us know if this answers your question or not.



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