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creep subroutine ABAQUS

Dear all

I'm trying to write ABAQUS subroutine for creep.

 I read ABAQUS help and documents about
this subroutine but it explained briefly about editing subroutine. In addition,
it said nothing about how to link it to software.

I really appreciate it if anybody can help me by telling more about
creep subroutine
or introduce a websites which can help me by some examples.

Best regards


Sepideh Shahmohammadi 

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Search "ABAQUS user subroutines for the simulation of viscoplastic behaviour including anisotropic damage for isotropic materials and for single crystals". That is a PDF which is included several examples as well. And let me know if you need any assistance. I am trying to write a subroutine for designing high temperature components.


Dear all

I trie to use ABAQUS/CAE to run the creep behavior of soil. In Cap plasticity, the suboptions has Cap Creep Consolidation. However, if I select  the "Soils" as the analysis step, it won't give me the output CEEQ unless I use "Visco" I am wondering if any of you have the same experice or How I can sort it out? Thank you very much. 

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