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hi all,

        i am very new to abaqus and i want to simualte sliding wear between a pin and a disc. i found from the literature that by using user subroutines we can calculate the wear. i am not getting how to use a user subroutine , can any one expain how to use user subroutines in the CAE. is there any simple example problems in understanding this user subroutine functions. thanks in advance. 



   when you work on cae environment and save your work, a lot of files in the same folder are created. One file is ending in .inp, and is your input file. It contains the mathematical details of your model. Nodes, mesh, instance, BCs, material type etc... In your input file it will say that you have defined lets say an elasto-plastic material. You can modify that sentence and say material=usermaterial. Check the documentation for the format of the sentence. Once you modified your file and saved it. You can open an abaqus command window, go to folder, and then write:

abaqus job=jobname user=UMAT.for

pressing enter-->> it will ask you for an input file


wait to get the result...

One point is that you can enter a usermaterial from CAE just to see the format. Similarly you work with other subroutines.

To work with subroutines , you need to install first the required intel fortran version, and C++ version, and see if the abaqus compiler can link with fortran and C++...


all the best,


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