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research opportunities, join us!

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Marie Curie Fellowships, European research in action
Focus on the results of European research into issues of wide public interest.

Marie Curie Fellowships give researchers the opportunity to work in another country as part of the research team that is right for them. And they give research teams in all areas the chance to add some variety to their ranks.

Research fellows learn as they work: as well as their chosen discipline, they improve their language skills and broaden their cultural understanding. And it’s a two-way process: coming from outside, they can often contribute a fresh approach and a novel point of view. The host team gains a more rounded and multicultural outlook – and thus raises its chance of a successful result.

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Dear Tan! 

I am a lecturer of University of Transport, Vietnam and i just defended my master thesis about Mechanics in March, 2007. I graduated Faculty of Informatics Maths at Natural Sciences University and my speciality is Mechanics Maths and then I graduated Master of Sciences in Mechanics of cooperation program between  Liege University, Belgium and Technology University, Vietnam. My thesis is "Material stability analysis of particle methods" supported by Dr. Timon Rabczuk (Germany) at University of Canterbury, New Zealand. I am finding PhD scholarships about Computational Sciences, especially in Mechanics to apply. At the present I am interested in sciences reasearches about Computational Mechanics or program languages and I can use Tex to edit lecture, paper, thesis....familiarly. Therefore, I think that a PhD position actually is a big chance for me to gain invaluable knowledge of sciences.

Please could you let me know any information of scholarships at your university?

Thank you very much and nice day!

Best regards!

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Dear Henry:

Congratulations on the new job and best wishes for a great start.

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Thank you, Zhigang; and bye, America.

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Good luck Henry - I just started my new job in IMEC Belgium.

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Henry, Congrats! Wish you all the best in your new post in England!


Henry, congratulations for the new post! Best wishes for your new start!


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I visited the Cambridge at the beginning of this month. Giving a presentation at the Cavendish Laboratory is an honour, while punting down the cam river that runs alongside Magdalen College was a wonderful relaxation.


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In April 2007, the UK Office of Science and Innovation (OSI) signed a bilateral agreement with the Chinese Ministry of Education, making funding available to establish a networking scheme which aimed to initiate and develop enduring partnerships between the UK and Chinese scientists.  Under the agreement, both sides agreed upon the need to bring together their most excellent scientists in any field of science and technology.  The implementing bodies in each country are the Royal Society and the China Scholarship Council (CSC).

 Application deadline is 17 September 2007.

Announcement at the Royal Society

In Chinese

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Need a Post Doctoral Research Associate to work on analytical solution of wave propagation and scattering in composite materials.

Starting date will be around October 2008. The salary will be at scale up to spine point 6, which is at the range from £27,466 to £33,780.

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Need a Post Doctoral Research Associate to work on numerical simulation (Material Point Method) of wave propagation and scattering in composite materials.

Starting date will be around October 2008. The salary will be at scale up to spine point 6, which is at the range from £27,466 to £33,780.

Dear Henry:

 I am quite interesed in the provided position, could you let me know your email? I can send my cv to you. thanks



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Henry Tan's picture

A beautiful city.

The ocean, the oil and gas, the safety and subsea engineering.

Hi Henry

Not sure if you are still active on this blog since Nov 2009, but I will post a coment anyway and hopu you might replay.  

Your reserach topic of "wave propagation and scattering in composite materials" is exactly what my PhD reaesrch was about!

in more detail my topic was Hybrid Finite Element modeling of stress concetration in particle composites due to Pressure and Shear waves.

could you please send me any papers that you might have published on this topic. I would greatly appreciated. Thanks

my email:

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