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FEAP umat routines

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Hi all,

I am using FEAP 8.2 in my university, and have to write a user material routine, but there is no clear guideline/example about which files to modify for this purpose. Sorry to say, the programmer's manual is very short, and very little detail is there.

The old tutorials/examples based on FEAP (7.x) are no longer helpful because the FEAP 8.2, 8.3 source code has changed considerably (atlease the files in user folder), hence the novice can get mad after trying for many weeks to figure out the way for doing this.

I request all those who have experience of working with FEAP, to kindly point out the key subroutines (or any other easiest way) for this purpose. I have read many subroutines of the source code, (and of course the programmer's manual) and it is extremely difficult to remember  dozens of subroutines for writing just one user mateiral constitution (+some user arrays for using in this umat with FEAP).

Best regards,



Have a look at .

There is an example implementation of a user model in version 8.x of the (finite deformation) microsphere model by Miehe, Goektepe, and Lulei.


Prof. Dr. Sanjay Govindjee
University of California, Berkeley

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Thank you Professor.

This example is very helpful.

Although FEAP is very famous and popular among people in academia due to the efforts of the developers of FEAP, however there is a dearth of tutorials/examples related to umat/user element routines.

Your web-page is the only source of information related to umat/uel development in FEAP.

Thanks for the help.

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