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Asymmetric Loading with Axisymmetric Geometry

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In cases of axisymmetric geometry with asymmetric loading (loading varying in the circumferential direction), to take advantage of the axisymmetry in the geometry, the general approach is to use fourier series approximation of the functional dependence in the circumferential direction. In my understanding, by doing so, we are essentially solving several axisymmetric 2D problems equal to the number of terms used in the fourier series and adding the solutions to get the desired solution of an asymmetric loading. In the process of adding the individual solutions to obtain the final solution to asymmetric loading, one is essentially using principle of superposition. If i am correct in this understanding, then this approach is strictly restricted to small strain linear elastic analysis. This cannot be used in the nonlinear analysis??. Please kindly correct me if my understanding has any loop holes.



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