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Looking for a doctoral position in the field of (solid) computational mechanics

Hello, My name is Nguyen Van Chau, an engineer at Mitsubishi Motor Company, Japan. I have been working on some projects which relate in structure analysis, fluid analysis for automobile since 2009/01. I am finishing my work and therefore seeking for a doctoral position starting after 2011/12.

My expertise in computational solid mechanics includes:  

(1) Structure Analysis (HyperWork, Nastran, Femap).

(2) Discontinuous computational modelling of fracture of solids. I also work on continuous modelling of failure using generalized constitutive models such as the gradient damage or non-local damage models (C/C++, Fortran, Abaqus).

(3) Computational Fluid Mechanics (C++, StarCD).

(4) Vibrational Mechanics (Python, SimXPert).

(5) Post-processing (Tcl/tk, Animator4).

(6) Linux, Web-server, Parallel Solver Web...(shell, Perl, C, Java, HTML).

I would like to pursue a doctoral working in any topic related to computational solid mechanics.

You could contact me anytime by sending emails to

Thanks for your time.


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hello sir, there are many famous university you would choose. why do not you stay in Japan?

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 I am currently looking for a new student(s) with a strong background in exactly your area - computational biomechanics (cardiovascular).

Please send me your CV if you are interested...

 -Michael Sacks

W. A. “Tex” Moncrief, Jr. Simulation-Based Engineering Science Chair

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (ICES)

The University of Texas at Austin
201 East 24th Street, ACES 5.438
1 University Station



What's your email address? We can discuss potential opportunities.

Have you heard of JAEC (Japan Aero Engine Consortium)?

 Regards, Tung Tran

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