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Free screen capture softwares for Win and Mac users

I'm writing this post cause it took me much time to find some free softwares that can record activities from screen for Windows and Mac systems. I use both OS at office and lab.

I'm doing some experiments. One is to measure the deformation of microcapsules, both loading curves and deforming capsules via a light microscope displaying on the screen; another is to observe the movement of nano/microcapsules in a cell. For both cases everything is displayed on the screen. I want to record them for kind of live show without using any external recorder and then converting clips.

I did a lot of search and find a better solution for both OS.

For Windows (NT/2000/XP) systems, CamStudio is great. It is FREE and OpenSource. Here is a short introduction from its website: CamStudio records activity from your screen and audio from a microphone into AVI video files and can also convert the AVIs into Streaming Flash videos (SWFs) using its built-in SWF Producer.
It can be downloaded here or

For Mac users (OS X 10.4), Copernicus is a super choice. It can record screen activities as quicktime movie. I tried and found great quality!
For more information, you can go ahead here:

BTW, I'm posting these not for advertising for them. Just for those people who are looking this kind of free software for their research.


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