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Displacement control VS. force control in Abaqus

Dear friends,

I have modeled a simply supported beam, using wire and the circle section of 1mm and a length of 110mm. I did two analyses

1) I used the distributed load of 0.2 N/mm (where the beam behaves in
the elastic area) and got the maximum displacement (at center).   
2) I used the obtained max displacement (from first analysis) as a
displacement control. the results of the reaction forces are supposed to
like the distributed load at first analysis, but it is much lower.
it must be mentioned that, I have used half model for the analysis purposes.

Your help is highly appreciated.


Reza Mousavi's picture

you should apply distribution to your model. if you choose single point displacement, the obtained reactions are eaual to single point loading:

5ql^4/384EI=pl^3/48EI: P/ql=0.625 

Thanks for reply

Yes, it is logical to apply the distributed displacement. but in that case, the model will have almost the same displacement after each increment, while the reality is different. in other words, all the model have a same displacement after the completion of the analysis.

do you have any idea? your help is appreciated. 

Reza Mousavi's picture

in addition to magnitude and maplitude of displacement, you shoulld create a distribution function for displacement and not use uniform distribution to avoid same displacement. 

Thanks, I think that will work.

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