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Creep Analysis of Lead-Free Solders Undergoing Thermal Loading

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Lead and its compounds have been widely used for many years in the electronics industry. However, the global demand to reduce the use of hazardous materials has compelled electronics manufacturers to consider the use of lead-free materials in future products. This transition has heightened the necessity for new finite element material models that can be used to evaluate the reliability of lead-free solders. Along with extensive nonlinear analysis capabilities, Abaqus/Standard includes a variety of creep models - including those applicable to lead-free solders, making it a reliable design tool for the electronics industry.


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Dear all,


I would like to run a tensile test under ls-dyna of a mild steel  and apply 7000 N to the specimen on a explicite scheme, unfortunately, I have wild deformation ( and an error) on the nodes on edges where the load is applied, so can you please tell me what are the importants constants (like time termination, mass scale,...) and how to perform a perfect run?


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