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Ductile Fracture Simulation



 I am simulating ductile fracture through uniaxial tensile test. The material is Aluminum Alloy. Dogbone specimen is simulated to get Equivalent Strain Vs Stress Triaxiality & Equivalent Strain Vs Lode Angle plots. The evolution of Stress Triaxiality & Lode Angle must be 1/3 & 1 respectively over time or with Equivalent Strain. I have marked few time history solid elements in the rupture zone of model. The problem is, Triaxiality and Lode Angle is different for different time history elements.

For few time history solid elements, Triaxiality=1/3 & Lode Angle=1 

How the time history of a single element will determine the stress triaxiality evolution for entire specimen?

 Any help on this?





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 I think you have to do the average of the triaxiality in the rupture zone ( it should be around 1/3 before necking and beyond that value after) , you can calculate the critical damage to fracture by plotting the strain Vs triaxiality.

What code are you using for your simulations? 



 Yes, i got it resolved as you said by plotting average of first rupture element. (Triaxiality~.33)

 I am using Pamcrash in conjunction with a fortran subroutine.



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