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ansys viscoelastic model


I am  currently a graduate student working on soft tissue simulation.  I have stress relaxation and creep experimental data for a soft tissue that  I used to derive a prony series from the stress relaxation data and a power series from the creep relaxation data . Now I want to use these results to perform a finite element simulation on Ansys 12.0 mechanical , and I sort of have an idea on how to perform it but I have many doubts on how to input the material models and how to construct the model in general,even though I've reviewed the ansys help  . My experience using Ansys is extremely limited and so far I lack a comprehensive tutorial  on how to perform finite element analysis in a structure with material nonlinearities. Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial(that is not ??? specifically where I can find  details on how to perform a viscoelastic analysis and maybe some references on this kind on analysis that I can use to solve my doubts on the issue .

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