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Abaqus/Explicit VUMAT works fine on 32 bits Abaqus - Fails on 64 bits Abaqus with more than 1 processor!!!

Here is the issue:
I am working with a x64 version of
Abaqus/Explicit (6.8-2), and a 32bits version (6.7-1). MS VS2005 is
installed with the x64 compiler tools, Intel Fortran is correctly
installed (IA-32 and Intel64 versions). My OS is Windows Vista Enterprise (64 bits).
The routine is compiled and linked correctly by lauching the appropriate ifortvars.bat file prior to executing abaqus.

Everything works perfectly with the 32 bits version of Abaqus+Compiler, with one or more processors (I have 8 of them).

Abaqus/Explicit VUMAT tensor components ordering

Hello everyone,


I am coding a VUMAT for Abaqus/Explicit. I was wondering if the tensor components ordering was ALWAYS different from the one used in ABAQUS/Implicit, or if the special ordering was valid only for the C3D8R element.

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