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Some notes on Luan and Robbin's papers on contact and adhesion at atomic scale

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As I promised, I start with some brief notes on themes loved by Ken Johnson to hopefully raise some interest for discussion on iMechanica. Regards, Mike

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Contact is a multiscale process.  Macroscopic contacts involve geometrical shapes, such as sphere-plane Hertzian contact.  Mesoscopic contacts involve the surface roughness and asperity contact.  Atomic scale contacts involve the tractions and repulsions between atoms of two bodies.    Has anybody established a theory that links the contact at different scales?

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yes, Henry, there is quite a lot of literature. You can see some of this cited in my attachment. Did you read it? Regards, Mike

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Hello Mike,

Greetings ! 

I enjoyed your postings very much. Thanks!

You mentioned that "the Greenwood and Tripp equivalent or a full multiscale version of asperity model with adhesion, not limited to the JKR" is highly desirable. This remind me a model developed by Adams et al.

Adams et al 2003 ASME J. Tribol. 125 700–8

Adams et al 2005 J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 38 1402-1409   

Don't you think these models are what your meant?

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No, I think those papers by Adams deal with the Greenwood & Williamson model, not the Greenwood & Tripp. In other words, there is no macroscopic (spherical)shape they consider. Thanks anyway.  Mike

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