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X-FEM implementation in Abaqus

Dear all,

Just in case it is of interest to some of you, we provide links to three postprints related to our Abaqus implementation of the X-FEM. The latest is an "article in press" in Eng Frac Mech where we explain the essentials of the implementation and provide a link to the source code for the Abaqus computation. Note that the implementation is limited to 2D and the pre-processing code needed for element subdivision is not provided.

The other papers are an application to crack growth under fretting fatigue conditions (published in IJSS) and a specific enrichment of the singularity of a sliding corner (published in IJNME). We hope that these three publications may be helpful.

Giner E, Sukumar N, Denia FD, Fuenmayor FJ. Extended finite element method for fretting fatigue crack propagation (2008) IJSS, 45, 5675-5687.

Giner E, Sukumar N, Fuenmayor FJ, Vercher A. Singularity enrichment for complete sliding contact using the partition of unity finite element method (2008) IJNME, 76, 1402-1418.

Giner E, Sukumar N, Tarancón JE, Fuenmayor FJ. An Abaqus implementation of the extended finite element method, EFM, DOI: 10.1016/j.engfracmech.2008.10.015.

Best regards,


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Thank you for sharing with us this interesting work. I would really like to learn how to use X-FEM within ABAQUS.


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THanks a lot for compiling such a nice article for XFEM applications using Abaqus..

Thanks a lot. These articles are very useful for me. I just started studying about how to implement xfem in abaqus.


its very useful thanks good too im a new doctorat ,i ll simulate the crack growth using XEFM+abaqus 

Thank you for sharing with us this nice work. And I am very interested in this.

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