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Microcanonical Entropy and Mesoscale Dislocation Mechanics and Plasticity

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(Journal of Elasticity, Carlson memorial Volume)

A methodology is devised to utilize the statistical mechanical entropy of an isolated, constrained atomistic system to define the dissipative driving-force and energetic fields in continuum thermomechanics. A thermodynamic model of dislocation mechanics is discussed. One outcome is a definition for the mesoscale back-stress tensor and the symmetric, polar dislocation density-dependent, Cauchy stress tensor from atomistic ingredients.


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Paper accepted for the forthcoming Carlson Memorial volume of the Journal of Elasticity. Revised version attached.

Aside: since there was a discussion here on imechanica about atomic definitions of stress, footnote 1 of attached paper may be food for thought  for many who participated in that discussion.

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