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give you some introduction of my department

Department of Modern Mechanics

USTC's Department of Modern Mechanics, founded in 1958, first chaired by famous scientist, Prof. H.S. Tsien, is among the most prestigious in China.

The Department has 400 undergraduate students, 121 students doing Master degrees and 59 students studying for doctoral degrees. It is a major provider of high-caliber personnels to research institutes, universities, industry, commerce, management and government, both at home and abroad.

There are some 120 students per year who graduate are awarded BSc, MSc, DSc, Ph.D. degrees. Alongside other USTC departments it enjoys high reputation among employers all over the world.

At present there are 79 staff including 32 professors, 23 associate professors and senior engineering together with technical, research and administrative staff. Among the academic staff, more than one third of them are young teachers with doctoral degrees and Professors Wu Xiao-Ping and Tong Bing-Gang are academicians of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). The experience and interests of the academic staff are reflected both in the courses offered and in the wide range of speciality options in the final years of the courses.

Department of Modern Mechanics is one of the National Bases for Basic Science Research and Education in Mechanics. It offers courses for undergraduates in Mechanics, Mechanical Behavior and Material Design, Mechanics and Engineering Software and postgraduates for master's degrees and doctoral degrees in Fluid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics. It also has a postdoctoral research station. The Department has excellent computers, facilities, and well-equipped laboratories among which Lab for the Mechanical Behavior and Design of Advanced Engineering Materials (LMBD), funded by the State is open laboratory. It consists of the following speciality labs: 1) Basic Mechanical Behavior of Materials Lab; 2) Material Dynamics Lab; 3) Mesomechanics and Testing technology Lab; 4) Material Design Theory and Material Synthesis Lab; 5) Advanced Speciality Materials Design and Application Lab; 6) Engineering Material Behavior and CAE Design Lab.

Also, Applied Mechanics Institute is made up of following Research Groups: 1) Shock-wave Laboratory; 2) Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab; 3) Lab.of Well-Testing of Oil Fields and Numerical Simulation; 4) Photo Test Mechanics Lab; 5) Computational Solid Mechanics Lab; 6) Vibration and Mode Analysis Lab; 7) Lab of Dynamic Structural Response and Failure; 8) Lab of Explosive Mechanics and Security Control.

The Department has a world-wide reputation in research, reflected in various awards, honours and extensive collaborations with research /academic institutions both in China and Foreign Countries such as Japan, UK, USA, Germany, Australia. It has also played an important role in securing USTC as one of top universities in China in its consecutive research assessment exercises.


Being a student at Dept. of Modern Mechanics (previously known as  Dept. of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering) at USTC  is a great honor to me.

To share this honor, let me cite a sentense of Prof. Yuanming Xia : " There is a bright ring on the head of every USTCer, and your responsibility is to make it even brighter"


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