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6000 registered users of iMechanica

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Early this week the number of registered users passed 6000.  Our growth rate remains nearly a constant, about 10 new users per day. In January Teng plotted some basic statistics of iMechanica

iMechanica uses a content management system, Drupal, an open source software.  Thus, iMechanica has benefited from the labors of thousands of volunteering programmers.  Their enthusiasm has positioned the software at the cutting edge in this space.  Drupal has been used by many of the world's best organizations.  See examples in the blog of Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal.  We hope to upgrade iMechanica to Drupal 6 this summer.

iMechanica is hosted at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  We are grateful to Lesley Lam for technical support, and to Joy Sircar for guidence. 

The content of iMechanica is contributed by the registered users, and is maintained by a team of volunteers.

iMechanica has never received any funding, and has no employee.

Tips for frequent users of iMechanica:

  • If you read iMechanica often, and find your Internet connection slow, you may want to start using Google Reader.
  • If you post in iMechanica often, you may want to write off-line by using Windows Live Writer.
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