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Multiphysics Modeling Postdoc in Idaho National Laboratory



Idaho National Laboratory’s (INL) Energy and Environment Science & Technology (EES&T) Directorate is seeking a postdoctoral candidate to assist in the research & development and numerical implementation of multiphysics models with applications in biomass & bioenergy technology and potentially in geological subsurface engineering & science.


The ideal candidate is expected to demonstrate strong knowledge in the numerical solution of partial differential equations (PDEs), multi-species multiphase reactive thermal flow, coupled thermo-chemical-mechanical (TCM) and/or thermal-hydraulic-mechanical-chemical (THMC) processes in porous materials, and their finite element method (FEM) code implementation and execution on U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) top-tier supercomputers. The candidate shall be capable of working in a diverse work environment and interfacing with the lower length-scale (molecular- to micro-scale) computational groups, experimental groups, and researchers at other national laboratories and universities. The candidate will work on coupled TCM and/or THMC problems in porous materials across multiple length scales, demonstrating good judgment in finding efficient and practical solutions. The candidate is expected to analyze computational and experimental data together.


The candidate shall demonstrate knowledge of chemical & mechanical engineering and computational science and be a strong asset to our R&D group, and work effectively as an individual and as a member of a team. While working mostly independently, the candidate will accept input and coaching from mentors and also provide input in a constructive manner to others. The candidate shall maintain a positive and professional relationship with all, even while under pressure and tight deadlines. The candidate shall develop and demonstrate oral and written communication skills as extensive documentation of work is required; this typically entails authorship of technical reports and research manuscripts for refereed journals. The candidate is expected to contribute to the development of new computational capabilities within EES&T and seek new research opportunities.


Required qualifications


  • US citizens or applicants with up to date visas and eligibility to work in the US.

  • Demonstrated oral and written communication skills in English.

  • Ph.D. in chemical/mechanical/civil engineering, material science, or a similar field with a strong training background in numerical modeling and distributed scientific computing must be completed by commencement of appointment and within the previous 3 years.

  • Proficiency in C++ programming.

  • Demonstrated ability to organize complex research activities and collaborate with others.


Desired qualifications


  • Strong experience in object-oriented C++ software development.

  • Proficiency with version control software (e.g. Git).

  • Experience in software verification & validation (V&V) and scalability optimization on HPCs.

  • Experience in scientific machine learning (ML) deployment and validation.

  • Experience in MOOSE FEM ( framework based code development is a significant plus.

  • Experience in CFD-DEM (computational fluid dynamics - discrete element methods) or other coupled mesh-particle method coding and modeling is a significant plus


The position is now open until filled.  Interested individuals should submit a CV to Dr. Yidong Xia (

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