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contact issues on abaqus

HelloI am trying to model a 2D cylinder Pad on flat Specimen for fretting but I am having some trouble with my results. First I just tried to have the good Hertz's solutions for the contact. So to do that, I chose the pad and the specimen to be deformable but the pad seems to be undeformable in my results (that's weird), 1ST PROBLEM. And the second one is, whatever the amount of force I applied, I have always the same values in my results. I am looking for some help.I put some pictures to show how I did my modeling and I don't have any convergence errorsThank you

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Dear Zaki

It seems that you have used a kind of kinematic coupling between the cylinder lower surface and the reference point (RP) on the upper side of it where you have applied the concenterated force. Using kinematic couplings introduces some kind of rigidity in the regions involved (the 1ST PROBLEM), since some degrees of freedom in all nodes belonging to the surface are constrained to a single node (RP). You can simply remove the constraint and apply the force directly to some point on the cylinder.

Regarding the second issue, it seems that you have applied an unnecessary (and of course restraining) boundary condition (BC) to the upper surface of cylinder, which may have suppressed the real effect of the applied force. Try rerunning the simulation without this redundant BC.

Good luck

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