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USDFLD to define FIELD(1) for cumulative temperature

Hello, I want to use USDFLD to define FIELD(1). In my model, elastic modulus is Temperature dependent value. (in static transient heat analysis) However, it is depending on not a simple current temperature but cumulative temperature value over the time. (Elastic modulus is changed depending on the cumulative temperature value (5+10+15....) If cumulative temperature value is large, Elastic modulus become large. If not, elastic modulus is small. I assumed I need to use USDFLD subroutine for solving this problem. (if not please correct me) If yes, please provide me any example or idea for solving this problem. (At this moment, I can define FIELD (1) in USDFLD depending on current temperature value (temp. at previous increment), however, I am not sure how to define FILED (1) depending on the cumulative temperature over time. Your helps would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance J. Lee

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