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A study of large plastic deformations in dual phase steel using digital Image correlation and FE analysis

Large plastic deformation in sheets made of dual phase steel DP800 is studied experimentally and numerically. Shear testing is applied to obtain large plastic strains in sheet metals without strain localisation. In the experiments, full-field displacement measurements are carried out by means of digital image correlation, and based on these measurements the strain field of the deformed specimen is calculated. In the numerical analyses, an elastoplastic constitutive model with isotropic hardening and the Cockcroft–Latham fracture criterion is adopted to predict the observed behaviour. The strain hardening parameters are obtained from a standard uniaxial tensile test for small and moderate strains, while the shear test is used to determine the strain hardening for large strains and to calibrate the fracture criterion. Finite Element (FE) calculations with shell and brick elements are performed using the non-linear FE code LS–DYNA. The local strains in the shear zone and the nominal shear stress-elongation characteristics obtained by experiments and FE simulations are compared, and, in general, good agreement is obtained. It is demonstrated how the strain hardening at large strains and the Cockcroft–Latham fracture criterion can be calibrated from the in-plane shear test with the aid of non-linear FE analyses.





Hello Mr. tarigopula,

I have a question about LS DYNA, as Im yusing an implicit to explicit anaylsis. I have done the implicit anaylsis in ANSYS, as i switch to explicit and perform all the changes in the ANSYS/LS DYNA GUI all is working perfectly. I want ot add a command that isnt present in the ANSYS , so i ask to generate the .k file through the GUI command EDWRITE. The problem starts that when i run the code for the ANSYS/LS DYNA and LSDYNA solver each one alone i get two different results, even i didnt perform any changes yet. Actaully the ANSYS/LS DYNA results is the right one while the LS DYNA solver one is wrong, I also get in teh resutls missing element in the graphics and load isnt working properly. I still need to run through the solver of the LS DYNA after I add the additional LS DYNA command. What could be the problem, I have no clue. Could you help me please.


George Salib

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