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Abaqus explicit-Unexpected output results

Hello everyone,


I made simple cantilever model in Abaqus/Explicit. For concrete I have used Concrete damaged plasticity model and for reinforcement I have tried two models (one with Truss and second with Beam elements). I have assigned displacement as BC (Smooth amplitude) in Reference Point at the end of the beam, and I have coupled RP with the end of the beam. For concrete beam I have used C3D8R elements.

For history output I have requested Reaction force in RP and energies for whole model.

But results I am getting aren't expected.

I am sending you pictures of Reaction Force and ALLAE, ALLIE and ALLKE. You can see that results after 6.2s aren't good.


Can anyone tell me why and give me some suggestions?


Image icon ALLAE.png4.43 KB
Image icon ALLIE.png4.21 KB
Image icon ALLKE.png5.66 KB
Image icon RF.png6.41 KB
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