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Opening - Ph.D. students in Materials Engineering

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I am currently accepting applications for two Ph.D. students starting in January 2012. The students will join my research group in the Materials Engineering department at McGill University. Students in my research group are trained to be world class researchers in the fields of surface engineering and coatings tribology.

The first student will work on a project using in situ tribometry to characterize hard coatings prepared by CVD and PVD techniques. They will also conduct discrete element modeling of the wear process under the co-supervision of Prof. Peter Radziszewski, Mechanical Engineering, McGill University. The student will characterize and test tribological coatings and study in-depth the role of third bodies in the friction and wear performance. Coatings will be prepared by our collaborators at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Prof. Ludvik Martinu and Dr. Jolanta Klemberg-Sapieha.

The second student will work on a project using nanoindentation to determine the mechanical properties of shot peened materials. The indentation testing will be used to determine local mechanical properties that will be used as an input for finite element analysis to simulate peening. Indentation strain rate will be varied. The indentation methods will also be used to examine the effect of peening on the real materials, indenting profiles on peened surfaces in cross-section and correlating the mechanical properties with microstructural characterization. This is a large industry and government funded project with Ph.D. and Masters students at McGill, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal and Ecole de Technologie Superieure.






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This is Amir Nazari. I took my M.Sc degree from University of Western Ontario
on March 2011. My M.Sc thesis is about "examination of the local
mechanical properties of PDMS-clay nanocomposite by indentation test and
modeling of the whole process by Abaqus software.

I am looking for a PhD position for upcoming fall or winter 2012. I think
the second research area is pretty compatible to mine. 

It would be a great opportunity for me if I can work with you as a PhD

With Best Regards,

Amir Nazari


Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department

University of Western Ontario


 I am Zihou Zhang and a current first year graduate student in Iowa State University. For almost the whole past academic year I have been working with Prof. Ashraf Bastawros doing research on fracture properties of film using nanoindentation. I am also interested in computational mechanics- modeling and simulation. With Dr. Wei Hong I have been doing some projects using FEM. 

I am now seeking a PhD position to continue my study, and pretty interested in the field of yours. I thnik my experience may help, and make me get into work quickly.
I do believe that it is good for me to work with you and pursue my PhD degree in McGill.


Zihou Zhang

Graduate Research Assistant

Department of Material Science and Engineering

Iowa State University

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