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Damage model for soft polymer

Hi all,

I'm working on modelling of adhesive joint using soft polymer adhesive types.

Can anyone suggest what are suitable damage mnodel for soft polymer.

I'm using Abaqus FE software version 6.12

Yeoh Model Parameter


I'm conducting a simple shear test (single lap joint) between aluminum bonded with 3M adhesive. 

Adhesive material is 3M VHB 4930 adhesive (acrylic)

Result obtains = 

Load vs Displacement Curve

True Stress vs Stretch Ratio

From the literature, mostly they used Yeoh model for 3M adhesive (Modeling and simulation of dielectric elastomer actuators,M.Wissler 2005).

The material constant for C10, C20, C30 I get from the curve fitting equation from the True Stress vs Stretch Ratio.

Moisture absorption in adhesive

Dear all, 

Need Help.. 

I'm doing research in moisture absorption in adhesive bonding. I'm wondering how to differentiate and characterize the Fickian Diffusion and Non-Fickian Diffusion during absorption and desorption moisture.


Thank You 


Modelling moisture in abaqus

Urgent need help,

Can anyone help me how to start modelling moisture in abaqus,

what are the parameter needed to input in abaqus,

i'm working on modelling adhesive couple with effect of moisture 

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