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SES Medal and Fellow Nominations Announcement

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The Board of the Society of Engineering Science, Inc. seeks nominations for the A. Cermal Eringen, Engineering Science, SES-Young Investigator, William Prager, and G. I. Taylor Medals, and for SES Fellows.

The selection process for the Medalists and Fellows, to be honored at the 2011 Annual Meeting, will begin after the nomination deadline of August 31, 2010. SES accepts nominations for all medals each year, but normally at most three medals are awarded in a given year. Nomination materials are retained and considered for three consecutive years. Note that current and former SES Board Members and Officers are not eligible for nomination until three years after their service is completed. Please use the nomination forms that can be downloaded from the links below. Nominations for the A. Cermal Eringen, Engineering Science, William Prager and G. I. Taylor medals should be accompanied by five letters of reference, and for the SES Young Investigator Medal and Fellows by three letters of reference. The nominator should assemble the complete nomination package including all letters of support. Incomplete nomination packages will not be considered. Nomination forms can be found at, SES Medals and Fellows under SES Nominations Announcement. They should be submitted electronically as a single PDF file or, if that is not possible, by mail to the Honors Committee Chair:

Professor Huajian Gao
School of Engineering
Brown University
182 Hope Street
Providence, RI 02912
(401) 863-2626; (401) 863-9025 (FAX)

The Society endeavors to foster the frontier areas of Science and Engineering, particularly on topics transcending the traditional boundaries of established disciplines.

The A. Cemal Eringen Medal is awarded in recognition of sustained outstanding achievements in Engineering Science.

The Engineering Science Medal is awarded in recognition of a singularly important contribution to Engineering Science.

The William Prager Medal is awarded for outstanding research contributions in either theoretical or experimental Solid Mechanics or both.

The G. I. Taylor Medal is awarded for outstanding research contributions in either theoretical or experimental Fluid Mechanics or both.

The SES Young Investigator Medal is awarded to a young researcher in his or her ascendancy whose work has already had an impact in his/her field within Engineering Science.

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