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Viscoelastic prarameters setting in ABAQUs

i'm try to do a dynamic analysis by abaqus and i faced some problems.any help is appreciated.

The structure is a 3 layers plates,a viscoelastic material sandwich between 2 steels.i modeled the 2 steel as sheel 'S8R"and the rubber as contiuum  "c3d20r",rubber is not thin. Now i don't know how to set the parameters requried by the Code.I hove some parameters abuout the viscoelastic material.,includeing shear storage modulus G(f)=exp(-2.69292)*f^(0.6937),and loss factor of the material L(f)=exp(0.60503)*f^(-0.08807), Possion ratio=0.49, where f is frequency in Hz.

as i know ,there are 3 ways to input parametes about the viscoelastic in frequency domain,namely power law frequency dependence, Prony series and tabular.But i don't know how to get the parameters,such as G(infinite) and G(zero). which approach should i select and how can i get the corresponding parameters.

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