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Deformation and Fracture of Functional Ferromagetics

Prof.D.N. Fang and his collaborators (Prof. Y.P. Wan, Prof. X. Feng and Prof. A.K. Soh) work on the functional materials, such as ferroelectric and ferromagnetic materials. Recently, he published a review article which presents an overview of recent progress on magnetomechanical deformation and fracture of ferromagnetic materials. Following a brief introduction of the classical magnetoelasticity and the magnetomechanical behavior of traditional ferromagnetics, recent development on the deformation and fracture of soft ferromagnetic materials and the mechanics of ferromagnetic composites is critically reviewed. Also included are the authors’ own works both on experimental testing and theoretical modeling of soft ferromagnetics, ferromagnetic composites, and shape memory ferromagnetic alloys. This review article cited 162 references.

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