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Multiple Ph.D. Positions at Georgia Tech in Computational Design and Mechanical Metamaterials

Our lab Computational Design & Metamaterial Lab warmly invites applications from students with backgrounds in mechanics, aerospace engineering, computer science, materials, polymers, and related fields.

What are metamaterials?

Metamaterials are a class of structural materials with exotic properties, where their macroscopic physical characteristics arise from the precise geometric design of their microstructures.

What will our lab do?

My lab will leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning for multi-scale design and optimization of metamaterial meso-structures. We will primarily focus on their nonlinear mechanical properties, including nonlinear dynamics, multi-stability, and fracture. Additionally, we will explore how to leverage these characteristics to develop ultra-strong/tough while lightwseight metamaterials, design robot systems based on metamaterials, and even develop materials with physical intelligence capable of memory, computation, and decision-making. Please see more for the lab on my website.


We are currently on the lookout for 3-4 Ph.D. students to join our team in the fall of 2024. The ideal candidates should possess:

1. A genuine enthusiasm for science and physics

2. Profound knowledge in their respective academic domains

3. Prior research involvement and achievements

4. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

5. A collaborative spirit and the ability to work cohesively within a team.


If you see yourself as a potential fit, please send the following documents to Dr. Bolei Deng (

1. Resume (with an emphasis on research experience).

2. Contact information for 1-3 references.

3. Transcripts from undergraduate or graduate studies. 

Furthermore, our lab is always open to visiting scholars, research assistants, and exchange students. If interested, please send your resume and your research interests to

About Georgia Tech

The Georgia Institute of Technology, located in the southeastern United States, is a top-tier public research university. The Institute holds an outstanding reputation in the fields of engineering, science, and business. It is recognized for its cutting-edge research initiatives, exceptional educational quality, and strong ties with the industry. Georgia Tech's engineering programs are ranked 5th nationally by US News, with the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering ranked 4th for graduate programs and 2nd for undergraduate programs in the U.S.


Doctoral Programs

Applicants can apply for the doctoral program in the School of Aerospace Engineering or opt for the Robotics direction within the AE Interdisciplinary Doctoral Degrees. In principle, you can also apply through other engineering disciplines at Georgia Tech (for instance, Mechanical Engineering or Materials Science). If you have such intentions, please specify in the application email. We need to figure out a potential co-advisor from these departments.

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