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Openings for project assistants in mechanics & computation @IISc Bangalore

The Mechanics & Computation lab in the Mechanical Engineering Dept at IISc Bangalore has multiple openings for project assistants:


Post #1: Design & analysis of 3D printed lattices

Essential requirements:

  • Expertise in Abaqus (standard + explicit)
  • Good grasp of basic strength of materials
  • Hands-on experience with 3D printing of plastics


Post #2: Experimental mechanics

Essential requirements:

  • Expertise in sensors and electronics
  • Working knowledge of force transducers, vibration measurements
  • Hands-on experience in designing and fabricating fixtures
  • Working knowledge of Arduino/DAQ card programming


Post #3: Application of learning methods in engineering mechanics

Essential requirements:

  • Strong background in deep learning network models
  • Expertise in using open source codes (TensorFlow, PyTorch etc)
  • Strong background in engineering/applied math

Unfortunately, remote working is not a possibility.


Apply here:


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