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Extreme Mechanics Letters (EML) seeks to publish research of immediacy, depth, and originality. Through in-depth lectures and extensive discussions, EML Webinars shed light on the forefront of research, as well as the formative years of researchers. To read is human, to watch divine - engineering EML Webinar

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support for the EML Webinar by:

Denian Zhuang, Jimmy Hsia, Zhigang Suo, Ruobing Bai, Teng Li, Tian Tang, Rui Huang, Ruike Zhao, Nanshu Lu, Liqing Jiao, Shengqiang Cai, Jiawei Yang, Grace Gu, HaiChao Han, Shaoting Lin, Ahmed Elbanna, Hongxia Li, Dibakar Datta, Xin Wen, Jianyu Li, Jin Yang, Junsoo Kim, Nitesh Arora, and anonymous donors. 


EML Webinar (Young Researchers Forum)

28 November 2023,  Diego Misseroni at University of Trento on Reprogrammable Frustration, Multistability, and Tunable Auxeticity in Origami Metamaterials. Discussion leader: Glaucio Paulino, Princeton University

17 October 2023, Emma Lejeune at Boston University on Data Driven Modeling of Mechanical Systems. Discussion leader: Adrian Buganza Tepole, Purdue University

12 September 2023, Ruobing Bai on Embedding Physical Intelligence in Soft Active Materials -- from Actuation of Liquid Crystal Elastomers to Switchable Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives. Discussion leader: Shaoting Lin, Michigan State University


Past EML Webinars (Season 2)

16 December 2021, Nanshu Lu on soft electronics for digitizing human body and human-centered robotics. Discussion leader: John A. Rogers, Northwestern University

4 November 2021, Hanqing Jiang on origami-based metamaterials: mechanics and devices. Discussion leader: Pradeep Sharma, University of Houston

13 October 2021, Alain Goriely, University of Oxford, From growing neurons and sunflowers to liquid crystal elastomers and elephant trunks: the fascinating dynamics of active filaments. Discussion leader:Krishna Garikipati, University of Michigan

15 September 2021,  Xavier Trepat, Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain, Engineering the shape and mechanics of cellular monolayers. Discussion leader: Andrej Kosmrlj, Princeton University

 4 August 2021,  Takao Someya, The University of Tokyo, Electronic skins for biomedical applications. Host: John Rogers, Northwestern University. 

14 July 2021, Dae-Hyeong Kim, Seoul National University, Unconventional Bioelectronoics for Heart and Brain Diseases. Host: John Rogers, Northwestern University.

16 June 2021, Ju Li, MIT, Elastic Strain Engineering for Unprecedented Properties. Discussion Leaders: Sulin Zhang, The Pennsylvania State University. 

19 May 2021,Eduard Arzt, Saarland University. Designing with gaps – functional surfaces for sustainable gripping. Discussion Leaders: Huajian Gao, Nanyang Technological University

12 May 2021, Michael Sheetz, University of Texas Medical Branch. Mechanical Stresses Kill Tumor Cells Discussion Leaders: Taher Saif, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Guy Genin, Washington University, St Louis



Past EML Webinars (Season 1)

16 December 2020, Dave Weitz, Harvard University. Snap, Speckle and Spot: Sight and Sound of Hydraulic Fracture Discussion Leader Jia Liu, Harvard University.

9 December 2020, Jian Ping Gong, Hokkaido University. Self-Growing and Strengthening of Double Network Hydrogels by Mechanical Training. Discusion Leader: Rong Long, University of Colorado.

2 December 2020. MRS Meeting. No webinar. 

25 November 2020. Happy Thanksgiving! No webinar. 

18 November 2020, Vikram Deshpande, The University of Cambridge. Ballistic and blast response of structural materials: lessons from architecting materials. Discussion leader: Lihua Jin, UCLA

11 November 2020, Sulin Zhang, Pennsylvania State University, Mechanobiology: A Tale of Stressed Life. Discussion Leader: Teng Li, University of Maryland.

4 November 2020, Zhigang Suo, Harvard University. Topological adhesion, wet and elastic. Discussion leader: Jimmy Hsia, Nanyang Technological University

28 October 2020, Xiaojing Zheng, Lanzhou University. Multi-scale and Trans-scale Analysis in Particle-laden Turbulence, Discussion leader: Yujie Wei, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

21 October 2020, Michael Mcalpine, University of Minnesota. 3D Printing Functional Materials and Devices. Discussion Leader: Seng Xu, UCSD.

14 October 2020, Special starting time: 9:30 am Boston time. Howard Stone, Princeton University; Manouk Abkarian and Simon Mendez, CNRS, France. Fluid dynamics of speech: Mechanisms underlying pathogen transmission

7 October 2020, Kaushik Bhattacharya, Caltech, Liquid crystal elastomers. Discussion leader: Shengqiang Cai, UCSD

30 September 2020, SES meeting. No EML Webinar

23 September 2020, Marc Geers, Eindhoven University of Technology. Multi-scale homogenization of materials with emergent macroscopic behaviour. Discussion leader: Laurence Brassart, Oxford University.

16 September 2020, Rob Shepherd, Cornell University. Optoelectronic Sensing of the Deformation of Soft Robots, and their Electrohydraulic Power, Discussion leader: Jamie Paik, EPFL.

9 September 2020, Rob Ritchie, University of California, Berkeley. Damage-Tolerance in Engineering and Biological Materials.  Discussion Leader: Nanshu Lu, University of Texas at Austin.

2 September 2020, Costantino Creton, ESPCI Paris. Using light emission to report damage in soft materials. Can we be quantitative? Discussion leader: Tian Tang, University of Alberta. This webinar will begin with a short remembrance session of Mark Robbins. Mark was excited to be a panelist of this webinar... 

26 August 2020, Xi-Qiao Feng, Tsinghua University. Dynamics of Collective Cells Discussion leader: Wei Yang, Zhejiang University.

19 August 2020, Markus Buehler, MIT. The Mechanics of Biomateriomics, Discussion leader: Grace Gu, UC Berkeley.

12 August 2020, Ellen Kuhl, Data-driven modeling of COVID-19—Lessons learned, Stanford University. Discussion leader: Pradeep Sharma, University of Houston.

5 August 2020, Taher Saif, Living Robotics, University of Illinois. Discussion leader: Yuhang Hu, Georgia Institute of Technology.

29 July 2020, Teng Li, University of Maryland. Advanced Materials toward a Sustainable Future: Mechanics Design. Discussion leader: Zheng Jia, Zhejiang University.

22 July 2020, Yonggang Huang, Northwestern University. Relation between blood pressure and pulse wave velocity. Discussion leader: Vicky Nguyen, Johns Hopkins University.

15 July 2020, Pedro Reis, EPFL, Basile Audoly, École Polytechnique, Eitan Grinspun, University of Toronto. A trilogy of rods: mechanics, mathematics, and computer science. Discussion leader: John Maddocks, EPFL.

8 July 2020, Stephanie Lacour, EPFL. From engineering elasticity to neural implants for translational research, Discussion leader: Sigurd Wagner, Princeton University.

1 July 2020,  Chiara Daraio, The Mechanics of Robotic Matter, Caltech. Discussion leader: Teng Li, The University of Maryland.

24 June 2020, Michael Dickey, NC State University, Liquid metals at the extreme. Discussion leader: Hanqing Jiang, Arizona State University. EML Webinar Overview

17 June 2020, Ole Sigmund, Topology Optimization – Status and Perspectives, Technical University of Denmark. Discussion leader: Sulin Zhang, Penn State University. Video: YouTube or Weibo. EML Webinar Overview.

10 June 2020, In observing #ShutDownSTEM, EML Webinar on June 10 is postponed to July 1. There will be no EML Webinar on June 10.

3 June 2020, Rob Wood, Harvard. The mechanical side of artificial intelligence. Discussion leader: Rob Howe, Harvard. Video: YouTube or Weibo.

27 May 2020, Norman Fleck, New Horizons in Microarchitectured Materials, The University of Cambridge. Discussion leader: Vikram Deshpande, The University of Cambridge. Panelists: Marc Geers, Ole Sigmund, Chris Spadaccini. YouTube or Weibo.

20 May 2020, Metin Sitti, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems. Soft-bodied Magnetic Small-scale Mobile Robots. Discussion leader: John Rogers, Northwestern. Youtube or Weibo.

13 May 2020, Katia Bertoldi, Harvard. Multistable structures - from energy trapping to morphing. Discussion leader: Davide Bigoni, University of Trento. Video: Youtube or Weibo.

6 May 2020, Xuanhe Zhao, MIT, Extreme mechanics of soft materials for merging human-machine intelligence. Discussion leader: Dave Weitz, Harvard. Video: YouTube or Weibo. EML Webinar Overview

29 April 2020, Huajian Gao, Nanyang Technological University, Institute of High Performance Computing. Simulation-assisted discovery of membrane targeting nanomedicine. Discussion leader: Markus Buehler, MIT. Video: YouTube or WeiboEML Webinar Overview

22 April 2020, John A. Rogers, Northwestern University. Enabling Ideas in the Mechanics of Bio-Integrated Electronic Systems – From COVID-19 Patients to Engineered Mini-Brains. Discussion leader: Jimmy Hsia, NTU.  Video: YouTube or Weibo.

15 April 2020, John W. Hutchinson, Harvard University. New developments in shell stability. Discussion leader: Zhigang Suo, Harvard.  Video: YouTube or Weibo. EML Webinar Overview


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