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Call for joint post-doc research fellowship at TU Darmstadt

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The Institute of Construction and Building Materials (chair Prof. Eddie Koenders, TU Darmstadt, Germany) is offering to support postdoc researchers with their high-quality application. The postdoctoral fellow should be primarily involved in numerical modeling of building materials. Experimental analyses of the materials (microstructure) characterizations to be used for model validation/calibration purposes could be included as well. The postdoc will work in an interdisciplinary team of specialists in chemistry, materials science, computational mechanics, civil engineering and multi-scale modelling.

Expertise in numerical modeling and high-performance computing using Matlab, C++, or other programming language is desired.

Beside expertise in the research topics, the host has lots of experience in writing successful H2020 projects, MSCA and von Humboldt applications.

For further information candidates should contact Dr. Neven Ukrainczyk ( Please send full CV.

The Institute of Construction and Building Materials (TU Darmstadt) is specialized in developing innovative mineral building materials. Current research activities focus on special concretes, cement-free alkaline activated binders (geopolymers), energy storage materials, 3D printing techniques, sustainable expanded granules and foamed concretes. The Institute has a micro-laboratory equipped with the most modern equipment, incl. an atmospheric scanning electron microscope, where a wide variety of analyses and test procedures may be carried out, thus contributing to the targeted research in the field of innovative building materials developments. The high-tech numerical and experimental facilities support research to future challenges such as quantification of the service-life of sustainable materials, and new research initiatives like multi-functional materials, self-healing or bio-inspired materials.



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