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Mechanics, Education and Research Universities: Perspectives for the 21st Century

A Symposium to celebrate Choon Fong Shih on the occasion of his 70th birthday

Group photo I, Group photo II

11 May 2016, 5pm-7pm.  Reception at the Harvard Faculty Club (20 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138)

12 May 2016, Symposium at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (taxi entrance at 200 Beacon Street, Somerville, MA).

8:00-8:30  Buffet breakfast

9:00-12:00  Three broad overview presentations with ample time for discussion and a coffee break.

12:00-1:30  Lunch at the Academy

1:30-2:45  Panel A: Research Universities of the Future:  Education, Innovation, International Collaboration

Chair: Alan Needleman


2:45-3:15  Coffee Break

3:15-4:30  Panel B:  The Future of Engineering and Mechanics Education in Research Universities

Chair: John Hutchinson


4:30 Symposium Adjourns

6:00pm-7:00pm  Reception at the Academy

7:00pm  Banquet at the Academy

After-dinner seeches

Organizing Committee

John W. Hutchinson, Alan Needleman, Zhigang Suo


John Bassani, Richard H. and S.L. Gabel Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Janet Blume, Associate Professor of Engineering, Brown University

Allan Bower, Professor of Engineering, Brown University

Ravi Ravichandran, John E. Goode, Jr., Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering; Chair of Division of Engineering and Applied Science

Shiyi Chen, President, South University of Science and Technology of China

Lily Cheng

Fu-pen Chiang, Distinguished Professor, Stony Brook University

Da Hsuan Feng, Director of Global Affairs and Special Advisor to Rector, University of Macau

Renata Dmowska, Research Associate in Geophysics, Harvard University

Robert Dodds, Research Professor, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Huajian Gao, Walter H. Annnenberg University Professor, Brown University

Xiaosheng Gao,  Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Programs, Akron University

Peter Gudmundson, President, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Teck-Hua Ho, Deputy President (Research and Technology), National University of Singapore

Jimmy Hsia, Vice Provost for International Programs and Strategy, Carnegie Mellon University

Zhongbo Hu, Professor of Materials Science, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Yonggang Huang, Walter P. Murphy Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University

John Hutchinson,  Abbott and James Lawrence Research Professor of Engineering, Harvard University

Kyung-Suk Kim, Professor of Engineering, Brown University

Saeja Kim,  Professor and Chair of Mathematics, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Xiao Hu Liu,   Research Staff Member, IBM

Chun Lu, Dean of General Affairs, South University of Science and Technology of China

Gilles Lubineau, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, KAUST

Peter McHugh, Established Professor of Biomedical Engineering, National University of Ireland, Galway

Brian Moran, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, KAUST

Toshio Nakamura, Professor, Stony Brook University

Venky Narayanamurti, Benjamin Peirce Research Professor of Technology and Public Policy

Daniel Needleman,  Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Physics and Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Alan Needleman,  TEES Distinguished Research Professor, Texas A&M University

Noel O’Dowd, Professor and Director of Materials and Surface Science Institute, University of Limerick

Junuthula Reddy, Oscar S. Wyatt Jr. Chair, Texas A&M University

James Rice, Mallinckrodt Professor of Engineering Sciences and Geophysics, Harvard University

Choon Fong Shih, University Professor, National University of Singapore

Zhigang Suo, Allen E. and Marilyn M. Puckett Professor of Mechanics and Materials, Harvard University

John Wang, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, National University of Singapore

Lin Xia,  R&D Mechanics Technology Director,   Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp                 

Albert Yee, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of California, Irvine


The Symposium has been generously supported by financial support from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, The National University of Singapore, and The US Office of Naval Research.


Dear Admin,

Can we get a video link of the lectures? The slides are really informative and the talks would be informative too to listen!

Thank you


Zhigang Suo's picture

Really sorry.  The lectures were not video taped.

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