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Tribology Symposium at the 8th International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling, 9-14 October 2016 in Dijon, France

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,


We would like to strongly encourage you to submit an abstract to Symposium N: Tribology: mechanics, physics and chemistry of solid-solid and solid-liquid interfaces at the 8th International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling to held in Dijon, France from October 9-14, 2016.


Tribological phenomena, such as adhesion, friction, lubrication and wear, control our everyday interaction with the environment and determine the function of most mechanical devices. To capture the full complexity of a tribological contact, electronic structure theory describing Ångström-scale chemistry must be coupled to an atomistic description of surface plasticity and liquid or third-body lubrication that feed into continuum models for the contact of rough surfaces over millimeter scales. We therefore strive to bring together researchers working on aspects of electronic structure theory, atomistic models, discrete dislocation dynamics, and continuum models with a focus on processes at and near interfaces and the influence of interface geometry. In this sense, this symposium represents a unique opportunity to present and develop ideas to tackle the multiscale aspects that make it so hard to simulate and predict  tribological performance in technical applications.    


Topics will include (but not be limited to) Physical chemistry of surfaces under the action of an external load (mechanochemistry), lubrication of interfaces, elastic and elastoplastic contact between rough surfaces, third body formation, microstructural evolution, methods for realistic mechanical and thermal boundary conditions and coupling quantum with atomistic and atomistic with continuum scale models.


For more details on this symposium and abstract submission, visit


Please feel free to forward this announcement to interested colleagues. We look forward to receiving your contributions!


Yours sincerely,


Guillaume Anciaux

Nicolas Fillot

Clotilde Minfray

Michael Moseler

Lars Pastewka

Izabela Szlufarska


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