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Abaqus- non uniform pressure load in 2D

Hi all,


I am new to Abaqus and I found the problem I unexpectedly cannot solve.... My case is quite simple- I have 2D frame, part of which is under nonuniform pressure distribution (described by linear function). When I create analytical field referring to previously created local CSYS, apply a load in 'static general' with distribution determined in analytical field and try to run a job, i have a message:

"Error in job Job-1: INVALID LOAD TYPE ON ELEMENT 31 INSTANCE PART-1-1. LOAD TYPE P IS NOT VALID FOR ELEMENT TYPE B21", of course for all the elements under my nonuniform pressure. The same message appears for all beam elements that is possible to use.

When I was searching the internet, I found only that there sth like subroutine DLOAD but I totally dont know how to use subroutines and if its really necessary for that simple case...


Thanks anyone who can solve my problem:) 

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Load type P is not listed among the "distributed load" types. Most likely you need P1 or P2.

If DLOAD is your option, then you can define the load as a function of the coordinate along the beam length.

Note, from the subroutines manual:


An array containing the coordinates of the load integration point. These are the current coordinates if geometric nonlinearity is accounted for during the step (see “Procedures: overview,” Section 6.1.1 of the Abaqus Analysis User’s Manual); otherwise, the array contains the original coordinates of the point. For axisymmetric elements that allow nonaxisymmetric deformation, COORDS(3) is the angular position of the integration point, in degrees." 

 If the deformation is large you face a problem: in a geometric linear analysis the imposed load will not applied to the intended location as COORDS represents the original coordinates.

 Good luck


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