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How to copy different parts in assembly in Abaqus CAE with merging boundary


 I am trying to build a 2D composite model in Abaqus CAE which consists of a number of unit cell. I built a unit cell of the composite (by partitioning) with its own mesh and material properities as one part. I'd like to copy that a couple of times and apply the loads and BC and so on. I need to perform a parameter study and also do a monte-carlo simluation by changing some stuff inside the unit cell (for instance inclusion size) which I intend to do later by editing the python script which is produced by abaqus (*.rpy file). Therefore I need to mesh the unit cell as a part and copy that in the assembly to make an instance. 

When I do this, the boundaries of copied part are not connected. I'd like to avoid using tie because of the trouble of finding the nodes and connecting them together as well as the problems it may introduce in the analysis.

I also used merge/cut module. In this case the material and section properties are all gone.

What is the best and cleanest way of performing this task?




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