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Tian Zhi Luo

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Blog entrybuilding artificial cells to mimick the mechanical properties of cell cortex Tian Zhi Luo07 years 6 months ago
Blog entryA new book chapter of the role of the actin cytoskeleton in mechanosensation Tian Zhi Luo17 years 10 months ago
Blog entryMolecular mechanisms of cellular mechanosensing Tian Zhi Luo08 years 1 hour ago
Blog entryUniversity of Connecticut: Multiple tenure-track faculty positions at the assistant /associate/full professor level David M. Pierce28 years 1 week ago
Blog entry6 CDs in cell mechanics(mechanobiology) Tian Zhi Luo08 years 7 months ago
Blog entryUnderstanding the Cooperative Interaction between Myosin II and Actin Crosslinkers Mediated by Actin Filaments Tian Zhi Luo09 years 9 months ago
Blog entry2011 International Dictyostelium Conference, August 14-18, Baltimore, MD USA Tian Zhi Luo010 years 3 months ago
Blog entryon-line visualized experiments Tian Zhi Luo113 years 8 months ago
Blog entryProf. Zhigang Suo and Prof. Frans Spaepen elected to the National Academy of Engineering Wei Hong2713 years 8 months ago
MD simulation of the cell shape change during cytokinesis Tian Zhi Luo113 years 8 months ago
coarse grained MD simulation of cell division associated with the z-ring structure Tian Zhi Luo013 years 9 months ago
interconnected delamination patter Tian Zhi Luo014 years 5 months ago
Forum topichow to edit the image or reload the image in the post I've just made? Tian Zhi Luo114 years 5 months ago
interconnected delamination patter, not a telephone cord, not a worm, not a disc Tian Zhi Luo014 years 5 months ago
sun flower from delimation Tian Zhi Luo014 years 5 months ago

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