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Blog entryPostdoctoral positions available at Harvard Medical School/BWH zichen03 months 2 days ago
Blog entryOptical and Mechanical Properties of Self-Repairing Pectin Biopolymers zichen05 months 2 weeks ago
Blog entryResearch intern/postdoc positions at Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School zichen012 months 4 days ago
Blog entryMulti-Shape-Changing Interpenetrating Networks with Shape Memory and Adaptive Plasticity Transitions, zichen01 year 2 weeks ago
Blog entryGeneration, Transmission, and Regulation of Mechanical Forces in Embryonic Morphogenesis zichen01 year 2 weeks ago
Blog entryDynamic thermal radiation modulators via mechanically tunable surface emissivity zichen01 year 8 months ago
Blog entryProgrammable 3D Self-Folding Structures with Strain Engineering zichen01 year 8 months ago
Blog entrySmart Laser-Writable Micropatterns with Multiscale Photo/ Moisture Reconstructible Structure zichen01 year 8 months ago
Blog entryTwo postdoc positions in solid mechanics/mechanical metamaterials/soft robotics/biomechanics zichen22 years 6 months ago
Blog entryBiomechanics of Collective Cell Migration in Cancer Progression: Experimental and Computational Methods zichen03 years 8 months ago
Blog entryControllable Shape Changing and Tristability of Bilayer Composite zichen03 years 8 months ago
Blog entryA Remotely Controlled Transformable Soft Robot Based on Engineered Cardiac Tissue Construct zichen03 years 8 months ago
Blog entryPostdoctoral Research Associate at Dartmouth zichen05 years 4 months ago
Blog entryResearch Associate positions at Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College zichen05 years 9 months ago
Blog entryShape formation of helical ribbons induced by material anisotropy zichen05 years 11 months ago
Blog entryEdge effect of strained bilayer nanofilms for tunable multistability and actuation zichen06 years 1 month ago
Blog entryHow the embryonic chick brain twists zichen06 years 2 months ago
Blog entryOne postdoctoral fellow position in solid mechanics/biomechanics available at Dartmouth zichen06 years 4 months ago
Blog entryCall For Abstracts: 2016 SES Symposium D-14 "Non-linear Response of Highly Deformable Structures" zichen06 years 8 months ago
Blog entryMechanical Self-Assembly of a Strain-Engineered Flexible Layer: Wrinkling, Rolling, and Twisting zichen07 years 5 days ago
Blog entryFast nastic motion of plants and bio-inspired structures zichen07 years 4 months ago
Blog entryPostdoctoral fellow positions in solid mechanics/biomechanics at Dartmouth zichen07 years 8 months ago
Blog entryResidual Stresses and Poisson’s Effect Drive Shape Formation and Transition of Helical Structures zichen07 years 10 months ago
Blog entryPhD positions in solid mechanics/biomechanics at Dartmouth College in 2015 zichen08 years 7 months ago
Blog entryPostdoctoral research associate position in mechanics of materials, morphogenesis and biosinspired structures zichen09 years 8 months ago


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