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Mike Ciavarella

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Blog entrya review on contact mechanics and fractals, and other recent work, taken from past and possible future webinars Mike Ciavarella05 days 11 hours ago
Blog entrynext Beard Tribology Webinar is Tuesday, March 2nd at 1pm US Central Time. Dr. Ali Erdemir will present about “Vanishing Friction: How Close are We?” Mike Ciavarella05 days 11 hours ago
Blog entryImproved Muller approximate solution of the pull-off of a sphere from a viscoelastic substrate Mike Ciavarella05 days 11 hours ago
Blog entryOn Pastewka and Robbins' Criterion for Macroscopic Adhesion of Rough Surfaces Mike Ciavarella312 weeks 4 hours ago
Blog entryworld first ONLINE webinar of Ferrari Formula 1 Head of Stress unit - Politecnico di BARI Mike Ciavarella13 weeks 15 hours ago
Blog entrySt. Petersburg Paradox and Failure Probability and Extreme Value Statistics of brittle failure Mike Ciavarella03 weeks 4 days ago
Blog entryonline petition for basic research funding in Italy Mike Ciavarella23 weeks 5 days ago
Blog entrya very interesting paper from the group of Prof. Anne Neville confirms Ciavarella's criterion as the most reasonable criterion in adhesion of rough surfaces Mike Ciavarella04 weeks 15 hours ago
Blog entryon the "strange" theory of ultratough peeling by Afferrante & Carbone Mike Ciavarella01 month 5 days ago
Blog entry2 Webinar of Politecnico di BARI graduates who are working in FORMULA 1 --- FERRARI and BREMBO Mike Ciavarella01 month 3 weeks ago
Blog entryHuajian Gao brilliantly solves completely the Menga Carbone Dini paradox and with impressive experiments and theory! Mike Ciavarella22 months 2 days ago
Blog entryto all italian researchers: New association of top italian scientists according to Stanford ranking Mike Ciavarella02 months 4 days ago
Blog entryA Griffith theory for fatigue from Delft group? Mike Ciavarella12 months 2 weeks ago
Blog entryThere is a big open question in viscoelastic crack propagation in between the Schapery solution for viscoelastic cracks, and that of Nobel prize winner DeGennes and of Persson/Brener: would you like to join the challenge??? Mike Ciavarella02 months 2 weeks ago
Blog entryCiavarella-McMeeking. Crack propagation at the interface between viscoelastic and elastic materials Mike Ciavarella02 months 2 weeks ago
Blog entryStickiness of randomly rough surfaces with high fractal dimension: is there a fractal limit? Mike Ciavarella02 months 3 weeks ago
Blog entryOn the Afferrante-Carbone theory of ultratough peeling Mike Ciavarella02 months 4 weeks ago
Blog entryA criterion for the effective work of adhesion in loading and unloading of adhesive soft solids from rough surfaces Mike Ciavarella03 months 5 days ago
Blog entryComments on old and recent theories and experiments of adhesion of a soft solid to a rough hard surface Mike Ciavarella03 months 1 week ago
Blog entryThe Griffith Paper Zhigang Suo381 year 4 weeks ago
Blog entryDiscussion of fracture paper #23 - Paris' exponent m<2 and behaviour of short cracks esis31 year 2 months ago
Blog entryIn the 100 000 top scientists there is decline of USA, and a jump of China and India Mike Ciavarella01 year 4 months ago
Blog entryAnalytical Models for Fatigue Life Prediction of Metals in the Stress-Life Approach -- phd thesis by Pietro D’Antuono Mike Ciavarella01 year 4 months ago
Blog entrySurface Roughness and Electrical Contact Resistance Jim Barber21 year 4 months ago
Blog entryelectroadhesion of rough surfaces, with application to touch screen technology Mike Ciavarella01 year 4 months ago


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