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Interaction between an Interface and a Dynamic Incident Mode-I Crack

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This high-speed photography image shows a mode I crack (representing by a symmetric photo elasticity fringe pattern) is approaching a weak interface in a brittle polymer (Homatel-100). The crack tip speed is around 300-400 m/s. There will be three possibly situations for dynamic interfacial failure mode transitions : 1) crack kinks at the interface, 2) crack directly penetrates the interface and 3) interface debonding occurs before the incident crack reaches the interface. Which case will occur? For further details and more photos, click here to read two papers ( Xu, Huang and Rosakis, JMPS, 2003;  For more real movies recorded from a high-speed camera,( click here). It will take a few minutes to access my movie site since the size of each movie is quite large. But the movie resolution and layout from my site is much better than the movie from YouTube (below). © Dr. L. R. Xu (Vanderbilt University) and Dr. A. J. Rosakis (California Institute of Technology)


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Very interesting working on the dynamic interaction between a crack and an interface. I will read you paper tomorrow and see if I can pick up some questions. Thanks for providing the movie!

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