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Stationary Force Can Be Utilized To Do Work.

Before explaining I want to clear some basic things.
v=Velocity. Rate of change in the position of an object
v=dx/dt Meters/Second.
a=Rate of change of velocity.
a=dv/dt =dx/dt2.Meters/second2
Because v=dx/dt
Force (F) = M*a=M*dv/dt=M*dx/dt2 Kg-meters/second2 or Newton.
Work=Force* Distance traveled Newton-Meter.
what happen when force is stationary or can not travel and object can
travel at less than 90` Angel with direction of force.

Answer is "Stationary force will help to move object."
See Figure
are two pulleys can rotate about their respective axis. Stationary
force (MG) applied on pulleys by stationary plate (stationary plate is
simply supported on pulleys.). This MG is equally divided and applied
on each pulley in vertical downward direction(MG/2). This MG/2 will
divided in two parts. one is tangential (MG/2 * Cos (Alpha)) and second
is towards the center (MG/2 * Sin (Alpha)). Tangential force will help
to rotate pulleys. Towards the center part will generate friction.
Still not getting feel free to contact me.
Uses and Advantages:

  1. It will decrease manufacturing cost.

  2. It will decrease electricity Bill.

  3. It will help to reduce green house effect.

  4. It provides clean energy.

  5. It is cheap and available at every place.

  6. It can use for both linear as well as for circular motion also.

  7. It will improve quality of people’s life by giving clean and cheap energy.

  8. It will help to reduce carbon dioxide in environment.

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